Lex Petros: Diving Tioman 2009 (Part 2)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Diving Tioman 2009 (Part 2)

Dive #2. Malang Rock.
Hawkman makes an entry.
Almost got swept away by his wake...
Again, Richard showing off his bubble rings. I bet he's been having one two many Cubans
'Squashed' feather star
Red algae?
(Asther, help me out here)
Scorpion fish...
I think... and it walks!!

This fella is common bout these here parts.
Over here, we call em'
peppermint nudis
This puffer fish needed Hawkman's power of persuasion to show.
The fella was playing hide-and -seek with us. Guess who lost? *grin*
One of the moments I usually look forward to at Kg.
Salang is having a good ol' seafood dinner at the Salang Dreams Restaurant. Fresh seafood ready to order and pre-order before dinner time. Squid, prawns and crabs to grill and I recommend roast chicken, served with a hot side of potato wedges and assorted vegetables
After dinner, we discussed taking the earliest boat out so that
we could go
gallivanting in Johor or Malacca for an eating road trip
on route to KL.

Next morning...early...waiting *yawn* Even the fishes swimming below the pier weren't awake. We tried feeding em' stuff...maybe they don't like peanut butter biscuits

Stopped by the famous Kluang Train Station Rail Coffee shop for a cuppa piping hot coffee and toast with kaya and butter. Simple pleasures of life...

"Melts in your bread, not in your hands"
I took a stroll to the platform after my breakfast. Surreal!
A step back in time, if feels.
The place looks like it hasn't changed much over the last century
The thought had crossed my mind to ride a train back to KL...

Next stop...Hock Chiew Restaurant (in a little town called Yong Peng, Johor)
just under an hour from the coffee joint. Serves Hakka food

We had some red-wine chicken (not derived from Merlot)
hakka noodles...some other stuff which I can't seem to recall
and to wash down the food
dragon fruit juice with a tinge of pineapple extract
The passengers tucked-in nicely for the ride home...

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