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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson: Do You Remember The Time...

Michael Jackson (1958 - 2009)

News of the King of Pop's demised came to me on Friday morning. His untimely death would mark one of the saddest day in entertainment history.

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, Rock and Soul had passed on and even in the light of recent legal entanglements and scandalous allegations, there can be no doubt the man's music has touched our lives in one way or another.

I grew up watching Jackson. I still remember watching terrestial TV in the 80s and almost without fail be glued to the idiot box whenever "Billy Jean", "Bad", "Man in the Mirror" aired. My classmates and I would almost certainly played the "Bad" album during our year end class parties. The Malay girls in my class would nearly be in trance every time we played "Man in the Mirror". Watching the superstars wanna be perform was always fun and left the rest of us in stitches. The man brought us the moonwalk and crotch-grabbing. What else could a bunch of 11 year olds thought of doing for fun.

One thing's for sure. No other entertainer on this planet would be able to have such astounding impact he had on generations of pop aficionados.

It's sad that his life started to spiral into an abyss of betrayal, media bias and financial crisis. Still, the legend was after all, human and like any other human would stand trial before the public court of opinion. Now he no longer has to tolerate mankind's prejudice and pride for he is in a far, far better place that I would go to than I have ever known.

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