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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen...

was a far cry from being "the biggest movie event of the year" as our mainstream media describes it to be.
Warning! May contain spoilers
As someone commented, "Transformers 2 can only offer more action and perhaps not quite the level of stupidity (if you apply geography)".

Some my sentiments about the movie:-

1. Over dose of action. Movie was too long. The battles were excessive and bordering a Tamil movie fight scene. Just goes on and on and on. Just not the same when you are captivated by the moments in a movie like how Spielberg did it in Saving Private Ryan; the skirmishes were long-drawn but with every passing moment, you'd get absorbed into the characters and the event. Plus, if you don't have 200hz processing on your HD Tv, to watch the movie on DVD, everything will seem like a blur! The action is just way too fast to keep up with.

2. Use of fictitious acronyms (NEST for example, an elite task force comprising of US special forces and Autobots with a sole-purpose of Decepticon eradication and SASF) with no further elaboration, which could be more advantageous to storytelling. Mention was made of President Obama, but not a peep after that. The commander-in-chief might as well be hiding in his bunker.

3. "Untimely death" of Optimus Prime scene had no impact. I wasn't closed to being moved than I was when Optimus Prime died in the Transformers Movie animation way back in the 1980s. Now that was an epic battle between the glorious Autobot leader and the insidious Megatron. Nothing will ever replace a decisive one-on-one battle, where one will fall and one shall stand. Being sicked on by several Decepticons and being stabbed in the back isn't exactly a dignified way to go. And why is it not surprising to see his "miraculous resurrection"? What was the point of his death?
4. Untied loose ends. What happened to Wheelie? (the tiny Decepticon who tried humping Mikhaela's leg). The remains of The Fallen? What did they do with it? The fate of the Arcee triplets? (who were shot up real bad in the dessert fight scene). What happens to Agent Simmons? He was instrumental in the destruction of Devastator. Does he get commissioned with the SASF? This is what happens if the movie is dragged too long: the loose ends are not tied up.
5. Foursome-Heroes. I think the only thing I really enjoyed was the camaraderie of Sam (Shia LeBouf), Mikhaela (Megan Fox), Leo (Ramon Rodriques) and Agent Simmons (he appeared as an Sector 7 agent) (John Turturro). The latter two provided great comic relief, a needed distraction from the onslaught of metal-on-metal scenes!! Somewhat a mismatched foursome who finds themselves flung into a transformers civil war and were compelled to rise beyond their contented, urban and self-indulgent lives to be the heroes which they turned out to be in the end.

I'd give this flick a 5.5/ 10.


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