Lex Petros: Chad Vader: The 'Lighter' Dark Side of The Force

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Chad Vader: The 'Lighter' Dark Side of The Force

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Ever so often, I'd chance upon a good spoof on the net. Recently, I was left in stitches after watching Chad Vader Seasons 1 & 2. For those who crave a no-brainer session of humor, this is for you!
He is the cousin of Darth Vader and has a job as a day shift manager in one of the groceries of the Empire Market.Inc grocery chain. The story starts when a less senior shift manager destroys his life,but not for long his shows and try not to fall of the chair laughing.

Slap-stick humor and crazy antics from the rest of the staff at Empire Market will keep you glued to the screen whilst holding your tummy. My favorite is Commander Wickstrom. Chad's side-kick and apprentice. A misguided trainee in the Empire Market who thinks Chad is the great Sith Lord. The closest thing to having a ''real'' son.
So, if you find yourself feeling bored out of your wits, just tune into Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager. It's Vader on the 'lighter' side of things and the only thing dark is the suit.